Bespoke Design

No intermediaries! This is our motto! We provide all designing and manufacturing services in-house, in our locations at Granville Island and Lions Bay, BC, Canada.

We strive to capture an individual’s essence through our custom design service which allows you the opportunity to something one-of-a kind made.

Always apparent in a Zadel Jewellery Design, is the flexibility and flair which brings originality to the signature design, artistic freedom melds with technical expertise to deliver pieces which inspire and delight.

The Process

This special process will involve a design consultation where we discuss your design preferences, wear-ability requirements and your preferred budget.

Once we have taken your design brief, we will require up to a week to supply you with a design for approval.

Once the design and pricing is agreed upon, we proceed to manufacture, and this can take anything between two and four weeks.

Please note our consultations are complimentary and quotes are provided on an obligation free basis.

Are you Ready?

Ready to start shopping for your dream ring?

We are proud to offer both Earth Mined and Laboratory Grown diamond options for you.

Lab Grown Diamonds have the same chemical makeup, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. They are less expensive, conflict free, sustainable, and look exactly the same to their earth mined counterparts.

We are very proud to say that we only provide diamonds, whether Lab Grown or Earth Mined, with valid certified IGI(Lab Grown) & GIA (both Lab & Earth) Laboratory Certificates of Authenticity.

While we delight in the creative process of re-designing client jewellery, we also view this service as a contribution to the health of our planet. Redesigns are mostly comprised of using existing materials (your old gold and jewels), eliminating the need to source newly mined precious metals or gemstones. We take great pride in uncovering the value of forgotten items, bringing them back to life to shine again. In our workshop we use 100 % recycled metals.

Your love story is like no other and your ring should reflect that! Designing with our clients is one of the most rewarding parts of our custom design process. No matter the style we’re sure you’ll find a timeless treasure.

Come see us today and customize your perfect story !

Design Your Own Ring